Airport Parking Rewards: Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Airport Parking Rewards Program.  Have a question not already answered or need additional information? Simply send us an email to

1. Why has the rewards program changed?
The new program distributes rewards more equitably than the previous system, and utilizes digital technology to process rewards in real time. The benefits are that our customers receive a single card, there is no need for punches, points can now be earned when utilizing our automated pay-in-lanes, and there is no need to mail in punch cards or to receive vouchers. Points are now earned based on dollars spent for parking rather than days parked. Rewards points may now be earned in short term parking as well as all other lots.
2. Do I have to sign up for an online account to utilize the rewards system?
No, however if you use our automated pay-in-lanes, you are required to have an online account to process the information on your pay-in-lane receipt and earn points. Also, online accounts users can check their rewards point balances, make changes to their personal contact information, and receive information about promotions and discounts.
3. How do I view my points?
To view your points, login to your account and click on the blue 'Rewards Card' tab.  Follow the instructions on that page.
4. What if I have a parking voucher?
As of 11/21/2011, we no longer can accept Takeoff Tickets. This program has been discontinued.
5. What do I do with my existing punch cards?
As of 11/21/2011, we no longer can accept punch cards from the prior rewards program. This program has been discontinued.
6. How do I add points if I use a automated pay-in-lane machine?
Customers using our automated pay-in-lane machines will receive a receipt for their payment. Customers should sign in to their online account, click on the blue 'Rewards Card' tab.  Then click on the 'Add Points' tab and enter the required information from the receipt (ticket number and transaction number).  The rewards account will update with the newly acquired points.
7. How do I redeem points if I use an automated pay-in-lane machine?
At the present time, our automated pay-in-lane machines will not process point redemptions. The easiest way to redeem points would be to utilize a cashier attendant (when available). Customers using the automated pay-in-lane machines should email a scan of their receipt for the transaction to our rewards card processing center (  Include your contact information, the refund requested, and your rewards card membership number. A customer service representative will contact you to make the adjustment (a check for a cash transaction or a credit to your debit/credit card for a debit/credit transaction).
8. How do I obtain a rewards card?
Rewards cards may be obtained from any exit lane cashier or by emailing your request to
9. How does this program differ from the former rewards program?
The former rewards program issued punches based on days parked, which resulted in inequalities between the various parking facilities and did not allow our short term parkers to receive program benefits. The present program issues points based on dollars paid for parking and credits the customer at a rate of $8.00 for every $100 paid for parking.
10. Where can I park to receive reward points?
Customers may receive rewards points when they park in any of our airport parking facilities.
11. What if I forget to present my rewards card to a cashier upon exit?
Customers who forget to present their card when paying for parking or who do not have the card with them should save their receipt. Sign in to your online account and click on the blue 'Rewards Card' tab.  Then click on the blue 'Add Points' tab and enter the required information from your receipt (ticket number and transaction number). Your account will update with the newly acquired points.
12. Where can I find the frequent parker rewards program rules/regulations?
To view the rules and regulations of our parking rewards program, click here.
13 Do I have to register online to receive rewards?
No.  However if you lose your rewards card we will be unable to issue you a new one with your point balance, since we will have no way to associate your card number with your earned points.
14. When I try to submit a reward by entering the required information and clicking the 'Submit' button, nothing happens.  What's going on?
You must have a rewards card member number saved as part of your online account information.


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